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Yummy Spoonfuls Has Secured Its Growth Path!!!!!

Stay tuned-and Pardon Our Interruption In Service While I Prepare the Bigger Kitchen to Serve You Expanded Offerings This Spring!


From A Dream…

9 years ago after creating food in my home to feed my baby, I found myself teaching mothers how to cook for their own little ones through a program at a local hospital. Before I knew it I had mothers showing up at my home asking me to share my own home prepared foods like my mother and aunties did for me in Camaroon-using only nature’s ingredients-only the number of them outgrew my kitchen as the circle swelled. This had moved beyond helping new friends and extended family.


From that outpouring of response I decided to start my company Yummy Spoonfuls, to help busy parents feed their babies high quality fresh frozen organic food made with only real organic ingredients and nothing else, not even ascorbic acid.

With you my company and vision became real.

In the past 9 years we have slowly been helping build awareness around the importance of real food, blended to a digestable level just for babies and kids. I built a certified kitchen. Whole Foods Market in South Eastern region allowed me to serve those around my home. It was all that I could do with the money I had-I quit my job and we used our savings. With fedex I was able to reach more of you with Amazon, and even sell through Dean and Deluca

I find myself in this incredible moment close to being able to share news with you that will come this spring. I will be part of a partnership with another mother who was raised like I was, on real food, mostly plants, prepared at home by her mom. We come from different countries, but were raised with similar culture and food values-and we both made America our home to raise our kids. Yet neither of us has lost the love of whole foods and real ingredients on which we were raised. I am so excited to tell you we have out grown our capacity here and God has blessed us with our amazing partnership. The downside is we need to close my kitchen to prepare our new one. For the next couple of months I am going to focus all my attention and efforts towards our new company to meet a May production date from our new kitchen so I will not be able to make your baby’s food until then. Hopefully you are putting some in your freezer-part of our convenience-remember that freezer is Nature’s Pause Button! We will be back with all types of fresh wholesome goodies for your precious and ask you to help us build our network of moms in the meantime by joining our newsletter and staying close to us on Instagram.

Please keep us in your hearts to everyday, and in your life-and know your baby’s growth will not outgrow our ability to support upcoming stages.

Sometimes in pausing we gain the oxygen to take the bigger climb. Climb with us mamas….

With love
Agatha Achindu


What might be lurking in your baby’s cereal box!

ALERT..another baby cereal with bugs and green gooey stuff found at the bottom. .what is so sad is that baby was throwing up every time she eat her cereal but parents never could figure out what the problem was, thought it was reflux

Screen shot 2014-12-05 at 5.55.40 AM



We saw this not to long ago with warms in cereal and mold in juice box, mamas don’t let your baby eat or drink directly from a container that you can’t see the bottom of. .you never know what might be lurking inside. To read more about this story click here

We will continue to make  fresh  food in small batches.  to read more about our fresh organic meals or to place an order visit our website



Fighting Ebola.. we must act NOW, not later


Without saying a word, these global celebrities will make you want to take action






Ebola is devastating parts of Africa, we need to all come together and take action..  is doing a fantastic job to rallying support and accountability.. Please join their effort and sign petition here.. #EndEbola NOW! Sign here →


Two worlds, one problem: Educating women on good nutrition

Through a mist of faraway memories, I walk between the garden rows.  Large green leaves brush my bare legs, and the black earth is soft beneath my toes. Bees are buzzing in the clear, hot sun, sipping nectar from the golden pumpkin blossoms. I spot a cluster of beans dangling like ornaments in the shade beneath a canopy of heart-shaped leaves. I reach out my tiny hand and pluck a fat green bean. I take a bite. Juicy and sweet and tender, I could not have been happier if it had been candy.


My mother’s farm in Cameroon, where I grew up, was a wonderland of delights. From the time we could walk, my sisters and I followed her around as she picked corn and beans, tomatoes and pumpkin. My earliest taste memories involved stolen bites of fresh vegetables, warmed and ripened by the sun. These early experiences set my eating habits for life.
Read full article here




The illusion of food is a hidden threat to our kids health!

Did you all see this video that’s gone viral about the walmart great value icecream sandwich that was left in the sun for an hour and it didn’t melt? The illusion of ‘food’ is another issue that we have to worry about, this is why we have kids who are undernourished though they eat 3-4 meals and snacks a day, these ‘food like’ stuff are a huge threat to health especially that of our children. This problem is more common that we all think and parents need to pay more attention.

We have to remember that when we buy ‘cheap’ food we are not getting a deal if it is not real food, we are simply being duped and we pay with health each and every day.  Link to viral video ABC13


Cree’s mommy Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict talks Yummy Spoonfuls with

When it was time for solid food Instant Mom  Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict knew she wanted the freshest foods for her baby but her busy schedule didn’t afford her the time to cook his meals so she turned to Yummy Spoonfuls.. We are so excited to hear how  today he  loves his spinach and all the other fresh wholesome meals he eat as a baby.. Cree’s mama talks mommyhood, healthy eating  and everyday life with tia-mowry-600x450 Click link  for deets

Chief Yummy Officer
Yummy Spoonfuls

The Toxins That Threatens Our (kids) Brains


Many parents assume there is a rigorous testing process before a new chemical is allowed to be a part of our supply chain but truth be told there is very little evidence to support that. Our kids are being used as ‘science project’ for all these experiments and these toxic chemicals they are exposed to every day have been linked to cancer, early puberty, asthma, allergies and learning disabilities. By tackling toxic chemicals, we have a major opportunity to prevent some of these health problems. We need safer laws because our children deserve products that are free of toxic chemicals.

“We still don’t have any kind of decent law on the books that requires that chemicals be tested for safety before they come to market,” said Dr. Landrigan

We have to demand for laws that will protect our kids. Every little effort helps, don’t ever overlook the importance of any petition, the only way we are going to see change is for us to demand change. Subscribe to newsletter so you too can stay inform and don’t forget to call/email your congress Rep.

Here is an in-depth article by the Atlantic’s Dr.James Hamblin on some common chemicals and their effect on our brains especially those of our precious babies.

Chief Yummy Officer

Toxic chemicals in everyday products link to childhood illnesses!

Unfortunately, without realizing it, many parents who wouldn’t consciously do anything to hurt their kids are unintentionally exposing their children to dangerous toxic chemicals found in everyday products.

One would assume that products we find on the shelves are safe but unfortunately that is far from the truth. Many chemicals used in our everyday products, foods and packaging makes their way into our supply chain with little or no regulations, we need stronger laws to help protect and keep our families safe especially our kids.

Some of these toxic chemicals found in our everyday products have been linked to cancer, early puberty, ADHD, asthma, allergies and learning disabilities, by controlling these toxic chemicals we have a major opportunity to prevent some of these health problems.

We got so excited when we heard there is a bill before Congress that is looking into updating some of these laws to help put much needed regulations in place but unfortunately there really is nothing in that bill to protect our families from toxic chemicals, we need to stop this bill in its tracks.

Will you join us in keeping harmful toxic chemicals away from our kids, here is many ways you can help..

– Sign this petition telling Congress to do right by our families and pass REAL toxic chemical reform. Here is the link

– Call Rep. Gingrey and tell him you OPPOSE the Chemicals in Commerce Act. 202-225-2931

As parents we face many issues, but diet and health remains a fundamental priority, When it comes to helping our little ones grow healthy and happy, it’s worth taking the time to do it right. After all… we only get one chance to get it right. Pls take the time to help bring change.

Proud mommy  & Chief Yummy Officer
Yummy Spoonfuls




Change is coming. Chick-Fil-A to stop sales of Antibiotic raised chicken!

Healthy is becoming the new trend, Chick-fil-A commits to Stop Sales of Poultry Raised With Antibiotics. This is the beginning of change towards the right direction.
There is a clear impact of nutrition on the potential development of diseases and other late-life cognitive disorders, this is not news since we have been talking about this for ages but it is good to see companies slowly trying to clean up their act.
We don’t need to be ingesting hormones or antibiotics and the gazillion of other toxins from synthetic colors, additives, preservatives etc, this is a baby step but it is one towards the right direction. The cleaner the food (free of harmful toxins) the better it is to the consumer. We are a long ways away from cleaning up our food supply chain but kudos to Chick-Fil-A  for this move though personally I will still not eat or feed my family fast/processed food, will wait until commercial food is made fresh like we do at home. The fight for real food continues and real soon fresh food like yummy spoonfuls will be the new normal. We are what we eat.. Read story New York Times

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