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Agave a threat to our health?

Despite the fact that  agave is being marketed  as a healthy alternative it poses a very real  threat especially to the diabetic population. Yes it is true that we eat too much sugar in the United States and drastically need to reduce this anyways.

The problem is this myth that has been marketed for so long that somehow ‘processed’  can also be ‘wholesome’  is ridiculous.  We have to really start paying serious attention to the foods we feed our bodies and that of our children because our health depends on it.

If you are not looking at the wholesome form of a product, in this case agave raw plant you have to research it to find out the process it was used to create the final product etc . I personally have a total dislike and distrust for any food that has been overly processed  knowing that they are always economic driven and not nutritive, there are good companies out there making commercial foods that are good for us and the planet, we have to seek  out and support them. Don’t take your hard earn money and buy death, let it find you accidentally.

The Glycemic Research Institute announced that they have halted and banned all future clinical trials of agave, and legally “de-listed” and placed a ban on agave for use in foods, beverages, chocolate and any other products, due to results of 5 years of human in-vivo clinical trials on agave. Additionally, they have warned that manufacturers who produce and use agave in products can be held legally liable for negative health incidents related to ingestion of agave.
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