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Food is healthcare & medicine is sick-care

it is the simple reason why chronic and deadly diseases continue to grow at an alarming rate despite the fact that we live in the most affluent country in the world with top notch physicians.


Medicine is not health care and will never be.

 We need to try our hardest to train our kids to love foods that sustain health, it could be a battle with some kids but it is worth the effort. So many illnesses and chronic diseases are preventable.
 Let’s continue to support each other, life is worth living vibrantly not always in a sick bed.

Feeding our kids fresh organic foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains beans etc along with grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish that are minimally processed prevent cancer and even block cancer growth. It also strengthens their immune system, protects them from diabetes, heart disease, obesity and maintains vibrant skin and strong bones to list a few. Healthy wholesome foods shouldn’t be an option at our homes, it should always be the first choice. We have to start believing in the old adage that we are what we eat and our kids what we feed them.

I know  jar/can  foods are so easy and convenient but our kids are paying a huge price with their health for this type of convenience , it just cannot sustain health.
Love, light and good health
Chief Yummy Officer


Halloween treats without the scary chemicals !

Whenever Halloween comes around I cringe just thinking about the amount of toxins that parents are going to unknowingly feed their kids, this my friends is what scares me about Halloween.

The contents of what is lurking in the trick-or-treat bags of your precious kids are horrific when you read some of the labels. Ingredients from synthetic dyes to artificial flavors and other ghastly chemicals which have been linked to many diseases including ADHD, hyperactivity in children and even some forms of cancer – Surrey University United Kingdom.



To be quite honest these types of dangerous treats shouldn’t be in the market in the first place let alone the mouth of our kids, the good news is we can still have fun without compromising health..

Here are my favorite sweet treats without the scary ingredients, amazing toxic chemical free treats that you can buy… I love the fact that these are free of synthetic colors, food additives, artificial flavors, preservatives, MSG and GMO

Torie & Howard
Yummy Earth
Equal exchange
Funky monkey
Glee gum
Go Natural candy
Surf Sweets
Unreal candy

Chief Yummy Officer

What is lurking in your box of baby cereal, maggots?????

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 9.45.08 AMTo all parents feeding babies anything from a box or pouch, you want to watch and share this video…here is one of the many reasons you need to pour out into a bowl or cup anything you are feeding your baby, you never know what is lurking inside, from mold to maggots and who knows what.. Here again is why we go through the trouble of making fresh food for our precious kids.. To think this is food for babies is disgusting..

‘This a must watch for all mothers. I am serious. I just opened a brand new box of Parent’s Choice baby cereal (wasn’t outdated) and still wrapped in plastic. Once I tore off the plastic and opened it, I thought I saw something inside of there. I assumed it was a piece of cardboard until it started to move. Yes that’s right I said move. Inside the box was meal worms or maggots, something like that, and not one, but several. I poured it all out in a glass bowl and was shocked”… Link to video Joni Baker

Chief Yummy Officer
Yummy Spoonfuls

Cree’s mommy Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict talks Yummy Spoonfuls with People.com

When it was time for solid food Instant Mom  Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict knew she wanted the freshest foods for her baby but her busy schedule didn’t afford her the time to cook his meals so she turned to Yummy Spoonfuls.. We are so excited to hear how  today he  loves his spinach and all the other fresh wholesome meals he eat as a baby.. Cree’s mama talks mommyhood, healthy eating  and everyday life with people.com tia-mowry-600x450 Click link people.com  for deets

Chief Yummy Officer
Yummy Spoonfuls

Best & Worst baby first foods..

Best & Worst first foods for baby.. I would add to the worst list, overly processed foods with a 1+ year shelf life that have literally been cooked to death killing both the good and the bad..

Myths about fresh organic are a testimony to the power of advertising, marketing and lobbying. The big corporations have systematically manufactured doubt about the science behind organics especially freshly made and fostered the myth that there really is no difference between organic and conventional, fresh vs 2 year old that food and the list goes on and on, but the truth is ‘we are what we eat’ and that is true for our babies as well..

Ways to cook vegetables

Wanting to try some new veggies like bok choy, asparagus etc for the baby but no clue on how to cook it?  Here is a handy veggie cheat sheet with recommendations on how to cook 20 different varieties.. *Share* with those you love.


Why reading food labels is the first step to keeping kids healthy..

If you are not compulsively reading your food labels you should consider making it a priority.. Labels are an important way for producers like us to tell you about the characteristics of our products. Don’t let yourself be fooled by large words printed on labels that lead you to believe it’s a healthy choice. Sugar if any should NEVER be the 1st or 2nd ingredient on any food/drink you are feeding your kids.. If you look at your labels closely you will be able to catch little marketing tricks, take for example Organic Wild Blueberry jelly, here is what is disclosed on the label, which is the true attribute organic sugar, organic apple, organic blueberry, citric acid, fruit pectin etc. If you did not read the label you have just paid premium blueberry price for sugar apple jelly..


Take time to learn what you are feeding your kids by reading your food labels (even those in fine print).  When it comes to helping our little ones grow healthy and happy, it’s worth taking the time to do it right.  After all… we only get one chance to get it right.

There is a huge difference between feeding to fill-up a child and feeding to nourish a child

‘I don’t do what I do for money or fame; I do it because it is the right thing to do. From my own childhood and now as a mother I know we are truly what we eat. Helping parents understand the direct connection between the food they feed their precious babies and their health is my soul’s purpose. There is a huge difference between feeding to fill-up a child and feeding to nourish a child, when we understand this difference then we will begin to address some common diet related childhood diseases. Fame and money are welcome extra benefits, we can all make money while keeping our kids healthy’ Agatha Achindu Chief Yummy Officer Yummy Spoonfuls

There is a huge difference between freshly made food vs 2 year old cooked food

How I wish freshly made food was accessible to every baby. The biggest disservice is the fact that somehow as a society we have been convinced there is no difference between feeding our babies freshly made food and that which has been cooked and sitting in a warehouse for years. The simple truth is 2yrs old cooked food will never equal freshly made when it comes to vitality, flavor, texture and not to mentioned the nutritive value. Just because it has been around forever doesn’t make it right it could actually just be the problem. If you can pls make the time to cook for your baby or buy freshly made food for them, we are what we eat..

Study shows giving babies antibiotics before the age of six months could cause #obesity


As we prepare for September which is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, we will bring to you important articles, blogs, and tips to prevent your child from becoming a statistic and live with optimal health! Read this study.

Giving babies antibiotics before the age of six months could cause them to be chubby children, according to a study published Tuesday.








“We typically consider obesity an epidemic grounded in unhealthy diet and exercise, yet increasingly studies suggest it’s more complicated,” said co-author Leonardo Trasande of the New York University School of Medicine.

“Microbes in our intestines may play critical roles in how we absorb calories, and exposure to antibiotics, especially early in life, may kill off healthy bacteria that influence how we absorb nutrients into our bodies, and would otherwise keep us lean.”

The study adds to a growing body of research warning of the potential dangers of antibiotics, especially for children.

Read full article here

I think on a personal note what is so sad about the excessive use of antibiotic is the simple fact that a lot of the issues like ear infections, recurring running nose can easily be corrected by a change of diet, it can be an allergic problem or that child is not getting adequate nutrients from food, change of diet usually make these go away.. Until we begin to connect the food we are feeding are kids and their health we will continue to have issues and quite honestly it has been proven that antibiotics doesn’t fix the problem, if it did you won’t have the same child come back with the same issue over and over.. what are your thoughts?