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Do you know what vegetable flavors your kids likes/dislike?

Knowing your vegetable flavor families might help in getting your kid(s) eat their veggies.. They might not like grassy, sweet or spicy tasting but love buttery, tart and pungent vegetables. There are so many varieties out there to please even the most finicky eater.. keep looking and don’t give up.. See helpful  chart below 


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There is a huge difference between freshly made food vs 2 year old cooked food

How I wish freshly made food was accessible to every baby. The biggest disservice is the fact that somehow as a society we have been convinced there is no difference between feeding our babies freshly made food and that which has been cooked and sitting in a warehouse for years. The simple truth is 2yrs old cooked food will never equal freshly made when it comes to vitality, flavor, texture and not to mentioned the nutritive value. Just because it has been around forever doesn’t make it right it could actually just be the problem. If you can pls make the time to cook for your baby or buy freshly made food for them, we are what we eat..

Medley of fresh organic summer vegetables in the finest cold pressed olive oil-

When you delicately  sautéed then steamed some of nature’s freshest bounty in the finest cold pressed organic olive oil  available  you can’t help but truly enjoy the final product, I couldn’t stop myself today from getting a plate of our freshly made just harvested organic summer vegetables (carrot, potato, peas, cauliflower, leaks) before it was pureed for our precious babies.  People tell us our food for babies taste just like real food and nothing like baby food, but this is truly how all baby food should taste like if done properly.

 There really is no reason why cooked peas for adults should taste any different than cooked peas for babies- It is such a shame that even with what we know today companies are still getting away with two year old shelf stable overly process and pasteurize baby food that taste and smell so awful- The degree to which feeding babies food older than they are annoys me cannot be articulated.

Our precious babies deserves the very best, their delicate  bodies  are in a state of growth and development, they need a constant supply of highly nutritional building blocks not only free of chemicals but equally high in protein, essential fats, complex carbohydrates, and a full complement of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to fuel their tiny bodies- Given our hectic life style it is understandable that we all can’t grow our own grain, mill our flour and churn our own butter but we have a choice of buying freshly prepared food instead of the overly refined counterpart that have been robbed of their original nutrients.

Making your own baby food is always the best choice but again if you can’t due to time constraint you can still help your baby have a better experience with his food. NOBODY would happily eat 2 year old cooked food, not even your baby.

Below is the before (my lunch) and after (baby food)  pictures.








Creamy Yummy Organic Broccoli not just for babies



Pureed organic broccoli

Pureed organic broccoli


You probably know that Yummy Spoonfuls has 25 distinct nutritious flavorful 100% USDA certified organic baby and toddler meals to choose from. There is something for every palate even the most discriminatory.  But did you know that Yummy Spoonfuls can be easily incorporated into quick meals for the entire family?


Who says only babies can enjoy our Creamy Yummy broccoli. Here are some yummy tricks for the entire family. Remember Yummy Spoonfuls is 100% organic 100% of the time.


Creamy Yummy Broccoli: ‘soup’   turn your creamy yummy broccoli into a delicious nutritious soup your whole family will enjoy.
Add sauté organic onion and organic chicken broth to Yummy Spoonfuls creamy yummy broccoli for a nourishing soup packed with vitamins A & C.


Creamy Yummy Broccoli ‘dip’:  No time to make a dip from scratch? Add organic sour cream and some grated cheese to creamy yummy broccoli and you have a dip to serve with raw vegetables or organic pita chips.

Creamy Yummy Broccoli ‘pesto’:  add organic roasted garlic, toasted pine nuts, cheese and olive oil to creamy yummy broccoli and you have a quick spread for your crackers. This can also be used for pasta


If you have a unique way in which you use Yummy Spoonfuls please contact us and we will publish it in our newsletter and our blog.