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Yummy Homemade Recipe for Baby’s first Christmas!

There is an innate satisfaction within us as parents that we all experience when our babies reaches each and every milestone, from something as simple as their very first smile to a huge challenge as starting solid,  baby’s first Christmas is another milestone that is celebrated with so much love and fanfare. Here is a simple recipe for you to make Christmas more memorable for your little eater.

This recipe is so easy to follow and requires very little fuss so even the most kitchen-shy mama can make this.  Make sure you roast your pumpkin, I know it takes longer but oh man the taste from it being caramelized in the oven is priceless, your precious baby will appreciate the difference in taste. This is that concentrated taste Yummy Spoonfuls babies love.










Ingredients for Baby 4-9 months

Butternut squash (1 small)
Cold pressed coconut oil (half teaspoon)
Dash of cinnamon optional

Wash, cut squash in half, scope out the seeds, pat it all over with oil, bake face down on an oiled or parchment lined sheet on 375 for 30 minutes. Turn your squash an dust it with a little cinnamon and let bake for 5 more minutes. Remove from oven and scoop out roasted squash in a bowl.


Mush up to your baby’s food texture and serve.


For babies 9-12month
Butternut squash (1 small)
Cold pressed coconut oil (half teaspoon)
Dash of cinnamon optional

Spinach –(2 cups
Onion- ( half small onion chopped)
½ teaspoon coconut oil
Piece of moist chicken / fish optional or a tablespoon of flaxseed

Wash, cut squash in half, scope out the seeds, pat it all over with oil, bake face down on an oiled or parchment lined sheet on 375 for 30 minutes. Turn your squash an dust it with a little cinnamon and let bake for 5 more minutes. Remove from oven and scoop out roasted squash in a bowl and set aside.

Sauté chopped onions in coconut oil  at medium heat until translucent and aromatic, add spinach, try not to overcook, add chicken or fish mix well and set aside  if squash is not ready.

Mix with roasted squash and blend to child’s food texture..


For the adults in the house (true story- this was lunch today)
Follow steps 1 and 2 then sprinkle some cheese and baked just to melt cheese and enjoy, want it extra sweet drizzle grade b maple syrup and enjoy.

Butternut-squash4Hope you and your baby enjoy this dish as much as we did.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Chief Yummy Officer





Why your baby needs to be eating organic spinach

Spinach-smoothie-mugSpinach is a nutritional bonanza, studies  continue to validate it’s ability to protect against cancer, it prevent the body’s cell from undergoing mutation and blocks the formation of nitrosamines which are potent carcinogens. Now you see why fresh organic spinach needs to be a part of your baby’s diet  (raw for older babies, our sone had his 1st raw spinach smoothie at 9months or  very gently steamed for younger babies)

This smoothie is made with organic : spinach, mango, banana, coconut water and chia seeds. This smoothie is very creamy and just perfect for baby who has already tried ingredients listed above and rule out allergies etc.

We also make an amazing dish for babies with organic spinach, organic kale and organic beets call super-green . We make it fresh and ship free to you anywhere in the USA.. To order visit our website http://www.yummyspoonfuls.com


There is more to fresh food than nutrients.. It taste so YUMMY.

Our meals are frozen because of their perishable nature due to the fact that they are unprocessed (heat-treated) and unrefined. Our meals have a shorter shelf-life which explains our authentic flavorful, vibrant colors, and rich textures not to mentioned yummy taste. Yummy Spoonfuls is a click or freezer away.. Your baby tried our cauliflower dish yet???


New study supports what we already knew.. little benefit in Multivitamins!

Here again is one of many reasons why we keep encouraging parents to focus more on feeding their kids healthy wholesome foods from the very start. Though we are made to believe that multivitamin will make up for our children’s unhealthy eating habits studies are telling us not true. Click here to read more

At our home we believe in the power of wholesome eating. Here is our youngest enjoying a glass of fresh organic spinach and  apple smoothie…

jz-green mustach-1

Change of diet to unprocessed & organic food saved my life. Actress Evangeline Lilly

Actress Evangeline Lilly is adamant that changing her diet to strictly unprocessed and organic foods helped her beat her illness of clinical depression without medication.  We continue to preach to gospel of we are truly what we eat, change your diet and change the way you feel.. Click link to read her interview


Kids weren’t born wanting processed food..they were taught to want it!

As parent we have the ability to train our kids to either love fresh wholesome foods that are good for them or overly processed junk foods that have the potential to harm them, we train them either way.


Contrary to popular belief there is no child born with a sweet tooth or detest for vegetables, they end up with the preferences cultivated by us parents over time.

Whatever eating habits our child ends up with good or bad is not accidental. Training start from the very first spoonful- give your baby the opportunity to sample what fresh taste like, if you can’t make yours we are always here to help – remember that your baby just like you will not like the taste, smell or look of 2 year old cooked purred food.

Chief Yummy Officer
Yummy Spoonfuls 

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We know fresh food.. homemade organic spinach zucchini pizza


We’ve been a part of growing, eating, cooking fresh organic produce for over 40 years and know a thing or two about what it takes to make the freshest and most delicious organic food. Georges and I have invested everything we know about wholesome fresh foods to bring you and your family the same premium high quality farm to table meals we grew up eating and now dish up for our own kids. We know you will taste the difference and also appreciate the convenience of having fresh organic meals in your freezer readily available anytime for your precious family. Like and share if this homemade pizza is making you hungry… we know good food.  For healthy feeding/eating tips, delicious  wholesome recipes or simply to buy freshly made organic food for your babies/toddlers, you are welcome to download our app, follow us on twitter, pinterest, instagram or become a fan  on face book.

We are what we eat..
Chief Yummy Officer

Power-punch unprocessed breakfast for our boys.

Power-punch breakfast for our son’s First Day of School 2013
Soaked overnight organic oat, so very easy to make and there is no cooking required..


½ cup organic steel cut oat
½ cup organic yogurt (coconut/almond etc)
1/2 milk (reduce if you want it thicker)
1 tbls organic chia seeds

Direction: Add all ingredients in a mason jar, shake and keep overnight in the refrigerator, in the morning mixed and add diced fruits to it. You can warm it up if your kids don’t like it cold.

Chief Yummy Officer

New study: Fresh, unprocessed baby foods tied to less allergy

New study supports what we have been preaching for decades.. Fresh unprocessed food is best not only for adults but especially for babies. It is sad that as a society we have been made to believe that feeding babies overly processed 2 years old cooked food would supply the same high quality nutrients derived from freshly made foods, the illusion of  ‘healthy’ eating is a huge problem that is being overlooked. ‘We are truly what we eat and that includes our babies’  



Click here for Reuters article and study details

Here at Yummy Spoonfuls we feed your baby to THRIVE not just to survive.

Chief Yummy Officer