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Fresh easy homemade organic finger foods for babies.

When it was time for our son to start finger food.. I knew it was an opportunity for me to help him with his fine motor skills, encourage and prepare him for self-feeding and subsequently table food.


I knew finger foods was a fantastic gateway to the world of real foods and another perfect chance to  continue advancing his taste buds towards unadulterated wholesome foods.

It was an opportunity for me to connect all his senses with his  food, helping him experience the different smells, texture, taste etc.. To see the look on his little face when he saw a carrot and watched his expression from trying to hold the little piece to finalllllllllllllllllllllly getting it into his little mouth, then the realization that though it looked like the other orangey food he had before it tasted completely different was always priceless..

I also knew how tinny his tummy was and  the fact that he can only take so many bites a day so  I made sure every tiny bite was chockfull of nutrients .

The sky is the limit when it comes to what counts for a homemade finger food depending on how messy you want your life to be  and if the food is something baby can easily ‘gum’ down to a swallowable texture or dissolve in the mouth without ‘gum chewing’.
Here are a few of our all-time favorites , we gave our son  only homemade finger foods.. It was sometimes not the easiest thing on planet earth especially since there are so many convenient pre-package on the go finger foods but I can tell you it was truly worth the extra efforts of cleaning up a messy baby, house and cars 🙂

  • Banana slices
  • Avocado slices
  • Steam broccoli floret
  • Cooked peas
 (I always crushed up peas before giving to son)
  • Peeled peach chunks
  • Shredded cooked chicken
  • Cooked lentils
  • Cut up cooked brown rice
  • Cooked carrots slices
  • Small tofu slices
  • Soft chapatti pieces (thanks to Priya)
  • Cheese slices
 (real cheese)
  • Flakes of cooked fish ( cod, flounder and salmon)
  • Steam cauliflower floret

If you want to raise kids  with a healthy eating habit it starts with you proving them with healthful foods..

Note.. make sure you cut all finger foods to manageable sizes and as mentioned earlier they are foods that can be easily ‘gum’ chew by baby or it can easily dissolve  in baby’s mouth without ‘gum’ chewing.  Give foods that your baby has already eaten in pureed form to avoid unexpected allergic reactions.

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Homemade remedies for cold & cough

As kids during the cold season my mum would give us raw ginger and honey religiously every morning to keep us from getting sick. Today 40+ years later and thousands of miles away from home I am still a strong believer of homemade remedies.
My favorite during the winter months is my ginger, turmeric and raw honey brew, it works wonders for us.







Chop fresh ginger and turmeric root (about a thumb each) and pour 8oz of boiling water over and let brewed for 10 minutes. Then strain it out and add raw honey to taste. If you are not familiar with the health benefits of these super power roots look them up and your cold seasons will never be the same. What is your favorite home remedy for the cold?

There are so many healing foods full of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral compounds that will work wonders for your common cold and cough without the side effects you get from medicine, check out this fantastic list from Rodale News

Kale pineapple smoothie your picky eater will love!

If you are one of many parents out there blessed with a ‘picky eater’ that has a strong aversion for all things green, making fun yummy smoothies or fruity green juices at home might be another easy way to get them start enjoying the fresh yummy taste of vegetables.

Though sneaking in vegetables get your kids to eat a few of their veggies, it doesn’t address the problem of getting them to love vegetables which is an essential component of their diet. From my experience working with families I find that you get kids hooked on veggies when you serve it in a way they enjoy…



I can’t tell you how many times a ‘picky eater’ with parents emphatically telling me there is no way my child will drink that green looking stuff and the look of total disbelief when kid (ssh and sometimes adults) gulps down

If you have a baby starting solid, now is the time to train them to fall in love with the taste of veggies (take it from a parent with a son who loves raw green vegetables passionately and that includes raw slimy okra), it is easier to do it when they are younger than later. ..


With our son I made it a point to never mix fruits and vegetables to give him the opportunity to appreciate the various tastes and textures he was experiencing and a lot of my clients do the same and it works. It might take you 90 tries to get your baby to love a new taste/texture but the good news is they will eventually love it and that is so worth the effort..

Here is the recipe to make this amazing  smoothie.

At our home we prefer organic fresh produce but you are welcome to use what you have.

2 cups full of fresh pineapple chunks
1 orange  (peeled)
3 cups (packed) of kale (we do use way too much kale so you are welcome to use more or less)
1 cup of ice (optional especially if you are suing frozen pineapples)
Slice of lemon.

Blend until  creamy and serve immediately


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Toxic chemicals, our kids, and why we need better laws!

tooth-pasteI am getting ready to make another batch of toothpaste for the kiddos, while  the bread bakes in the oven, but wondering what about the parents who don’t have the time like I do to read every label, mill their own grain for bread, make toothpaste, skin butters and the list goes on and on just to protect their kids from toxic chemicals.

Here is why I personally believe that we need laws that will protect our kids, yes my kids are protected because I have become a gorilla in the toxic chemical jungle and work my behind off daily in trying to protect them but lord knows that not everyone can go this distance and we shouldn’t have to work this hard.

Our children deserve safe clean products that are free of harmful toxic chemicals, studies continue to support the fact that some of these  toxic chemicals found in our everyday products   has been linked to cancer, early puberty, asthma, allergies and learning disabilities. By tackling toxic chemicals, we have a major opportunity to prevent some of these health problems.

With your help we will be able to get congress to pass better laws to effectively regulate toxic chemicals in our everyday products. Please start my signing this petition and having all your friends to the same, effective change can only come from us when we let our voices be heard.. Collectively we can make change.

Sign this petition here, then call

Rep. Gingrey and tell him you OPPOSE the Chemicals in Commerce Act. 202-225-2931

Thank you ever so kindly
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New study supports what we already knew.. little benefit in Multivitamins!

Here again is one of many reasons why we keep encouraging parents to focus more on feeding their kids healthy wholesome foods from the very start. Though we are made to believe that multivitamin will make up for our children’s unhealthy eating habits studies are telling us not true. Click here to read more

At our home we believe in the power of wholesome eating. Here is our youngest enjoying a glass of fresh organic spinach and  apple smoothie…

jz-green mustach-1

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Boo- Your kids candy might be the scariest thing this Halloween.

The scariest thing this Halloween might be the contents of what is lurking in the trick-or-treat bags of your precious kids. Ingredients from synthetic dyes to artificial flavors and other ghastly chemicals that shouldn’t be in the mouth of our kids, the good news is we can still have fun without compromising health.. See comments for a list of chemical free candy options for the family.. At our house we will be handing out fresh spinach smoothies
spianchClick here for a list of chemical and everything yucky free candy from rodale

Why we should be very careful if our babies eat/drink from a pouch/box

A patient came to my ER after noticing green slime coming up the straw from her Juicy Juice box.  Her mom cut open the box – and brought her straight to the doctor.  Here’s what we found in the unexpired juice box:









As a mother this makes me want to throw up,  Click here to read the article.

We have never used pouches but after reading this article I will have to make sure every drink that comes in a box will have to be poured out in a glass and not have the kids drink directly. Here is why I love to make things fresh, this is just outright gross..
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The illusion of what is ‘junk’ food

The diet of the average American child consists of overly processed foods that typically has been ‘manufactured’ and sitting in a warehouse for years








Countless scientific studies have concluded that many of the disorders that commonly affect children of the new millennium have a dietary component due to a deficiency of important nutrients they need to grow into healthy adults.  Parents usually believe that poor diet is typically associated with only ‘cheap’ ‘junk’ food but that is so far from the truth.

As parents we have to be more mindful of the ‘dead food’ diet, the illusion of  ‘health’ these ‘foods’ that has been sitting on the shelves indefinitely provides is a threat to our kids health.  Keep in mind that most processing of food is needed for economic and  not nutritive  reasons, foods that were once healthy when freshly harvested usually ends up  with little or no  nutrients left after excessive processing.

Feed your babies foods that are very minimally processed and free of harmful toxins, their health depends on it

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Five foods to fight asthma naturally..

Food that-fight-astma