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Fresh easy homemade organic finger foods for babies.

When it was time for our son to start finger food.. I knew it was an opportunity for me to help him with his fine motor skills, encourage and prepare him for self-feeding and subsequently table food.


I knew finger foods was a fantastic gateway to the world of real foods and another perfect chance to  continue advancing his taste buds towards unadulterated wholesome foods.

It was an opportunity for me to connect all his senses with his  food, helping him experience the different smells, texture, taste etc.. To see the look on his little face when he saw a carrot and watched his expression from trying to hold the little piece to finalllllllllllllllllllllly getting it into his little mouth, then the realization that though it looked like the other orangey food he had before it tasted completely different was always priceless..

I also knew how tinny his tummy was and  the fact that he can only take so many bites a day so  I made sure every tiny bite was chockfull of nutrients .

The sky is the limit when it comes to what counts for a homemade finger food depending on how messy you want your life to be  and if the food is something baby can easily ‘gum’ down to a swallowable texture or dissolve in the mouth without ‘gum chewing’.
Here are a few of our all-time favorites , we gave our son  only homemade finger foods.. It was sometimes not the easiest thing on planet earth especially since there are so many convenient pre-package on the go finger foods but I can tell you it was truly worth the extra efforts of cleaning up a messy baby, house and cars 🙂

  • Banana slices
  • Avocado slices
  • Steam broccoli floret
  • Cooked peas
 (I always crushed up peas before giving to son)
  • Peeled peach chunks
  • Shredded cooked chicken
  • Cooked lentils
  • Cut up cooked brown rice
  • Cooked carrots slices
  • Small tofu slices
  • Soft chapatti pieces (thanks to Priya)
  • Cheese slices
 (real cheese)
  • Flakes of cooked fish ( cod, flounder and salmon)
  • Steam cauliflower floret

If you want to raise kids  with a healthy eating habit it starts with you proving them with healthful foods..

Note.. make sure you cut all finger foods to manageable sizes and as mentioned earlier they are foods that can be easily ‘gum’ chew by baby or it can easily dissolve  in baby’s mouth without ‘gum’ chewing.  Give foods that your baby has already eaten in pureed form to avoid unexpected allergic reactions.

Chief Yummy Officer
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The food we feed our kids and the impact on their health!

Screen shot 2014-08-22 at 12.21.28 PMThis video will show the impact of the food you feed your kids and their health. Diet is the most important way to keep a child’s immunity and defense mechanisms working, unless chronically or unusually ill babies are born with a powerful immune system that can be maintain with nutritious foods free of harmful toxins but unfortunately we live in a time when feeding our kids healthy wholesome food needs  extra effort and commitment. This video will make you think every time you feed your kids   Link to video


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Study shows giving babies antibiotics before the age of six months could cause #obesity


As we prepare for September which is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, we will bring to you important articles, blogs, and tips to prevent your child from becoming a statistic and live with optimal health! Read this study.

Giving babies antibiotics before the age of six months could cause them to be chubby children, according to a study published Tuesday.








“We typically consider obesity an epidemic grounded in unhealthy diet and exercise, yet increasingly studies suggest it’s more complicated,” said co-author Leonardo Trasande of the New York University School of Medicine.

“Microbes in our intestines may play critical roles in how we absorb calories, and exposure to antibiotics, especially early in life, may kill off healthy bacteria that influence how we absorb nutrients into our bodies, and would otherwise keep us lean.”

The study adds to a growing body of research warning of the potential dangers of antibiotics, especially for children.

Read full article here

I think on a personal note what is so sad about the excessive use of antibiotic is the simple fact that a lot of the issues like ear infections, recurring running nose can easily be corrected by a change of diet, it can be an allergic problem or that child is not getting adequate nutrients from food, change of diet usually make these go away.. Until we begin to connect the food we are feeding are kids and their health we will continue to have issues and quite honestly it has been proven that antibiotics doesn’t fix the problem, if it did you won’t have the same child come back with the same issue over and over.. what are your thoughts?

Medley of fresh organic summer vegetables in the finest cold pressed olive oil-

When you delicately  sautéed then steamed some of nature’s freshest bounty in the finest cold pressed organic olive oil  available  you can’t help but truly enjoy the final product, I couldn’t stop myself today from getting a plate of our freshly made just harvested organic summer vegetables (carrot, potato, peas, cauliflower, leaks) before it was pureed for our precious babies.  People tell us our food for babies taste just like real food and nothing like baby food, but this is truly how all baby food should taste like if done properly.

 There really is no reason why cooked peas for adults should taste any different than cooked peas for babies- It is such a shame that even with what we know today companies are still getting away with two year old shelf stable overly process and pasteurize baby food that taste and smell so awful- The degree to which feeding babies food older than they are annoys me cannot be articulated.

Our precious babies deserves the very best, their delicate  bodies  are in a state of growth and development, they need a constant supply of highly nutritional building blocks not only free of chemicals but equally high in protein, essential fats, complex carbohydrates, and a full complement of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients to fuel their tiny bodies- Given our hectic life style it is understandable that we all can’t grow our own grain, mill our flour and churn our own butter but we have a choice of buying freshly prepared food instead of the overly refined counterpart that have been robbed of their original nutrients.

Making your own baby food is always the best choice but again if you can’t due to time constraint you can still help your baby have a better experience with his food. NOBODY would happily eat 2 year old cooked food, not even your baby.

Below is the before (my lunch) and after (baby food)  pictures.








pesticides and toxic chemicals are increasingly linked to serious health problems.

As we know, pesticides and toxic chemicals are increasingly linked to serious health problems – especially for our children, whose developing bodies are more vulnerable to chemical exposures. We’d like to believe our government is effectively policing the safety of our food and the containers they are packaged in, but it’s not that simple. To help reduce pesticide in our kids world: buy organic or fruits and veggies that are low in pesticide. Avoid toxin chemicals: BPA & PFCS etc, make sure food containers are BPA free etc thus will not leach chemicals into food. Avoid growth hormones by choosing organic meats and dairy, visit your local farmer though not certified organic they usually have some pretty good ‘real’ natural stuff that you can use.

Emergency dinner (when there is little choice)

If I knew it was going to turnout this well I would have taken pictures. It has been a hectic week with little time to shop, we got the freshest broccoli for the kitchen and I took a crown home to make dinner, little did I know that there was very little in the house (going to the market tomorrow) to add to my luscious broccoli.

I had some organic brown rice pasta in my pantry, organic onion left over from yesterday’s scrambled eggs, few cloves of garlic and olive oil and boy no tomatoes in sight, (I love fresh organic tomatoes, from salads to my stews, jellof rice and traditional soups ) there were also 2 cups of Yummy Spoonfuls™  organic butternut squash defrosting in the refrigerator for tomorrow’s bread ( pls don’t ask) .  Oh well, as my mom would say ‘mami you can make it work’.

This actually turned out to be one of the best pasta dishes I have ever made. Boiled my pasta, sautéed onion and garlic in olive oil, needed to give the pasta a creamy base so guess what I added, the 2 cups of butternut squash in the sautéed onion and garlic, added some organic bragg amino liquid to taste, added my cooked pasta, the broccoli got in last. The vibrant green from the lightly cooked broccoli to the deep yellow from the butternut squash, coupled with the brown undertone from the pasta made it look so good. I did not get a chance to taste  (yes this happens when you are always cooking) it but oh my it looked really good. Little to say it was on and off the table in seconds.

My five year old is such a picky eater, I tell people all the time that he is truly the reason why our meals are so yummy because he has a difficult palate to please (I know my friends are laughing their heads off saying what an understatement).

Now that the family is well fed, I am going to have my ‘me time’, though it doesn’t sound as exciting as going of to salsa or flying off to Paris  or Italy  I love a good cup of tea with my boys far away .

Have a wonderful dinner everyone and please remember to feed only that which will nourish your family.


“100% Organic, 100% of the Time…”

For immediate release January 1, 2010
Cheryl Wilson

Marietta, Georgia January 1, 2010 – In a move to optimize children’s health, Yummy Spoonfuls’ award-winning certified organic baby food is now on the menu at Fio360. Fio360—said to be the nation’s first eco-friendly day care center—is known for its chemical-free building design and commitment to organics.  Fio360 chose Yummy Spoonfuls to serve at mealtimes, and is offering the product for sale in its retail space. The new alliance represents a strategic move for Yummy Spoonfuls, which has only been available at retail.

Offering the products within a day care setting is consistent with Yummy Spoonfuls’ mission—to start children off with the best possible food. Yummy Spoonfuls’ founder and CEO Agatha Achindu frequently speaks out on the importance of diet as it relates to various childhood diseases, Achindu believes the best baby food is fresh and pure–that means no chemicals, additives or preservatives. While difficult for small businesses to achieve, organic certification remains the consumer’s best assurance of purity, according to Achindu.  Achindu’s passion for quality and the health of her baby led her to found Yummy Spoonfuls in 2006.

When Cookie Magazine online conducted a reader’s poll earlier this year, Yummy Spoonfuls was named Number One over 12 other organic brands. This recognition brought Yummy Spoonfuls national attention. Agatha Achindu says her company’s new alliance with Fio360 speaks to the urgency of solving children’s health issues.

“There is so much evidence that toxins in the environment are hurting our children,” says Achindu. “One powerful solution is to buy organic. Fio360 is taking a serious leadership role, by showing how a safe, chemical-free environment nurtures children. Organic food is a major part of that vision. I am so excited that Yummy Spoonfuls can help provide meal solutions for babies at Fio360.”

Fio—from the Latin “to become”—expresses the company’s commitment to early education excellence. Fio360’s core idea centers around whole-child development, with eco-friendly surroundings and organic meals. The center features the Pyramid Learning System; state-of-the-art security; safe, shoeless environment; soothing and stimulating décor; active arts; and a dynamic rooftop playground.  Fio360 serves 238 children ages 6 months through 4 years old in their full-time care and learning programs. The innovative Pyramid program was developed by Dr. Jef Van Kuyk. This critically-acclaimed program is used in the Netherlands (one of the world’s most literate countries), as well as Germany, Japan and India.

Founded by Crissy Klaus, Fio360 fulfills her vision of the ideal place to nurture her own children: no PVC plastics, floors with radiant heat, non-toxic cleaning products, kid’s yoga, and of course, organic food. Fio360’s Executive Director Linda Owens, an experienced educator and mother of two successful adult daughters, says that she is so excited to be working with Fio360 and Yummy Spoonfuls to integrate healthy practices into child care across the spectrum, and teach others about the company’s innovative operation.

“We are just thrilled to be using Yummy Spoonfuls at Fio360,” says Owens. “We know that Yummy Spoonfuls has the nutrition to help our babies grow. We are convinced that it is a quality, fresh product.” Owens moved from Phoenix, Arizona to join the company, after 30 years in early childhood education and administration. Owens and her staff believe that Yummy Spoonfuls’ baby food fits right into Fio360’s mission. “This partnership is a wonderful blend of both of our businesses,” says Owens.

Fio360 also offers parental support, from refreshments to a parent workspace.  An upcoming seminar at Fio360 on January 16, 2010 seeks to educate parents on child nutrition. Yummy Spoonfuls’ Agatha Achindu will be speaking on the benefits of an organic diet.

Yummy Spoonfuls offers a diverse line of products that are made from all natural ingredients grown without chemical pesticides, nitrates, growth hormones or other harmful substances. The foods are dairy and gluten free and are produced without artificial additives or processing chemicals. Additionally, while many organic food companies heat-treat foods, reducing the available nutrients, Yummy Spoonfuls baby food is fresh-frozen to lock in every available drop of nature’s goodness.  Yummy Spoonfuls is available in 3 product lines: Creamy Yummy (Stage 1); Mushy Yummy (Stage 2); and Chunky Yummy (Stage 3).

About Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food

Founded in 2006, the concept for Yummy Spoonfuls was born when Agatha Achindu was expecting her first child, and began to explore healthy baby food options.  Upon extensive research, Agatha discovered that even “organic” baby food products had expiration dates of up to (2) years.  This meant that in many cases, babies were eating food items that were older than they were.

Armed with a firm resolve to provide healthy food items for her child, Agatha made every morsel of food for her baby.  Today, Agatha and her hard-working staff continue the same homegrown tradition that began Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food – every ounce of food is made from scratch using only organic ingredients – no fillers, extenders or preservatives. As the childhood obesity rate in the United States continues to surge out of control, Yummy Spoonfuls hopes that today’s parents will start their children’s lives with healthy, natural foods vs. fat, calorie and sugar-filled processed foods. With a wide variety of more than 23 distinct and flavorful organic food items for babies, infants, and toddlers, Yummy Spoonfuls is a privately held company based in Marietta, Georgia.

For more information, please call 678.464.3103 or visit http://www.yummyspoonfuls.com.

See us live Babies R Us October 11

We will be at Babies R Us Healthy baby day event Saturday October 11 from 11am-3pm. Please come and visit with us. We are passionate about people and food. Feeding our kids healthy wholesome nutritious meals is not a privilege, it is an obligation. With the childhood obesity rate on the rise it is imperative that we teach our kids healthy eating habits from the very first Yummy Spoonfuls.

We are a strong believer of the adage  “you are what you eat”

Feeding Your Child With Intention


Feeding Your Child With Intention.

As I sit and reminisce about growing up I can still vividly hear my mother telling us what to eat and what not to eat. “Drink your milk. Eat your vegetables. Drink more water. No, you can’t have sugar in your tea because no child of mine is going to develop diabetes.”   

 I now realize what she was doing all along and I find myself doing the same thing in my own home. Yes, I am my mother’s daughter. I am FEEDING MY CHILD WITH INTENTION.

We all know that feeding our children overly processed foods may lead to obesity and a host of other health concerns. When we talk of overly processed foods it is not just about all the wonderful nutrients that are lost during processing like vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and fiber. These losses pose a major threat to our growing babies. Also of major concern are all the added junk gained during the process like added salt, sugar, chemical additives, and fillers. Cheers!  Agath

Read More Here